Vionic Zen Walker for Women

Vionic Zen Walker for Women

The Vionic Zen Walker is the perfect orthotic shoe that offers style and comfort for your tired, overworked and painful feet.

It comes in a various colors and is manufactured with leather. In addition, the shoe provides a sleek and sophisticated manmade shock-absorbing rubber sole that provides great stability and momentum.

The flexible midsole in these shoes reduces pressure on your joints and knees and the multi-directional grip traction protects your feet when you walk.

The footbed of the shoe, designed by podiatrists, helps walkers maintain a neutral gait without overpronating and the padded biomechanical foodbed with a deep heel cup reduces risk of heel spurs among plantar fasciits sufferers.

Foot type: Especially suited for overpronators.

Fit: The toe box may be too narrow for some women but going ½ or 1 size up may help. Most customers do agree that the shoe fit is true to size.


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