Dr. Weil Rhythm Women’s Lace-Up Walking Review

Dr. Weil Rhythm Women’s Lace-Up Walking

The Dr. Weil Rhythm Women’s Lace-Up Walking Shoes are available in a variety of colors and are a perfect wear for women looking for something that is fashionable and suitable for work.

It’s made entirely of synthetic materials and has a full mesh upper, providing fantastic breathability. The shoes come with lightweight and flexible midsoles that provide ample comfort and they’re also durable enough to handle your fitness requirements.

The footbed, created by podiatrists, is cushioned thoroughly and the rubber cross-patterned tread sole offers a flex zone at the sesamoid to help protect your feet from pain and damage.

The shoe has plenty of arch support and a deep, secure heel cup for better stability, faster recovery and foot realignment, especially for those with heel pain from plantar fasciitis.

Fit: Some people do state that sizes may run small so ordering half or full size up may help. They may not be wide enough for some people as well so be sure to try them on and see if they work for you.


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